• Cell Tower Services

    Dynatek is totally committed to the long term needs of the wireless, cable and fiber-optic industries.

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  • Reduce 5G Energy Cost

    5G technology consumes up to five times the energy it takes to operate a 4G. Dyna Power will reduce energy cost.

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Dynatek Telecommunications, provides hi-tech professional Architecture, Engineering and Project Management services to the wireless industry.
Dynatek Energy Solutions  is dedicated to offering our clients cutting edge technology that benefits all by reducing carbon emissions due to unnecessary energy consumption and waste within today’s electrical power grids.
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Dyna Power Unit 
Lowers Utility Cost

Mitigation of power quality issues within the telecommunications industry as well as other institutional energy consumers.

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Licensed Staff for all 50 States and Puerto Rico

Our staff is licensed and experienced in all aspects of wireless design, project management, construction and deployment.

Our turnaround time is the fastest and most consistent in the industry.

The quality of our work has enabled us to continue to be successful.

Dynatek's employees have experience in all aspects of telecommunications. We are fully aware of how the deliverables fit into the big picture. Our major goal is to produce work and construction projects accurately, consistently, and in a timely manner. We aim to assist carriers and tower aggregators to meet their targeted scheduled on-air dates. This approach has served Dynatek well in building our business incrementally – one satisfied customer at a time.

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