Dyna Power Unit

The Dyna Power Unit has been designed to provide the following benefits once installed on a structure's electrical system at the Main Distribution Panel or sub-panel.

Reducing 5G Energy Cost

One drawback of the 5G technology is that it consumes up to five times the energy it takes to operate a 4G network. To help mitigate the additional cost associated with 5G, Dynatek Energy Solutions’ (“DES”) engineering team has been....

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Transient Surge Protection.

  • Protects against any electrical sags or surges originating in the local utility grid that can cause electrical components to underperform, switch off or fail.
  • Protects against any electrical sags or surges caused by electrical equipment as equipment switches off and on within your structure.
  • Protection from lightening strikes from as far away as 50 miles.

Multiple Power Conditioning Benefits

  • Conditions the electrical power to remove distortions to the AC waveform that decrease the efficiency of the power and results in more power being drawn through the utility meter to compensate and ultimately, higher bills.
  • Corrects phase angle distortion to improve power factor and efficiency
  • Balances phases to improve power efficiency and smoother operation
  • Can synthesis power for a lost phase to prevent motor burn out.

How Does our Technology Work

Dyna Power Unit delivers cleaner electricity to lower energy cost
and helps provide a cleaner environment 

Harmonic Filtering

Filters out harmful harmonic current and voltage distortions that cause:
Electrical equipment to overheat, Increased cooling costs in rooms with equipment that runs too hot, Distortions in telecommunication data ,Flickering lights, Audible noise pollution, Inaccurate digital and analog power readings, Shorter equipment lifecycles, Increased maintenance costs
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Lower Amperage Levels

  • The BPU does not starve equipment of electrical current but as a result of the improvement of efficiency of the power within a structure the amount of power and current sourced from the utility grid is reduced.
  • Reduced amperage draw is beneficial in systems that are drawing close to the maximum current allowed by the system’s rating and design.

Lower Energy Costs

  • Improvements to the electrical system’s efficiency within your structure results in less energy being purchased from the utility to power your electrical equipment.
  • Improvements to the efficiency of the power supplied to your structure from the utility transformer and improvements to the efficiency of the power within your structure results in lower power costs, lower maintenance costs and longer equipment lifecycles.

Lower Utilities Cost

Mitigation of power quality issues within cellular towers, commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, (especially voltage and current harmonics that migrate from their source into the local distribution grid) reduces transformer damage and failure from excessive heating of cables and components.