Wireless Services

Dynatek has installed thousands of wireless radios and stations nationwide. 

Radio and Base Station Installation

We are equipped to support the specialized needs of this marketplace. We assembled certified technicians with hands-on experience in many radio types, including Lucent, Nortel and Motorola, and experts who understand every aspect of BTS site construction. The result is an organization that can deliver, off-load, place and cable a BTS installation like no one else. With a history of completing projects on time and on budget, Dynatek consistently exceeds the expectations of its clients.

Leasing and Zoning

Dynatek’s staff of leasing agents know the “ins and outs” of successfully negotiating wireless leases. Because we know the importance of speed and cost when procuring a lease, our agents work hard to ensure the timely zoning and construction phases of the system buildout. Our in-house zoning managers bring real world experience to the presentation of appropriate sites for zoning. We prepare all exhibits and attend all zoning meetings needed to secure approval from local zoning boards. Dynatek’s years of experience coupled with its outstanding reputation facilitates timely, favorable zoning approval.

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Architecture & Engineering
(A&E) Services

At Dynatek, we have the expertise to develop creative solutions within your budget. In each and every project , you can count on our staff of quality-minded and professional structural , civil and electrical engineers to deliver superior service and results. We possess both leading-edge theoretical knowledge and the extensive field experience it takes to design the most challenging sites. Dynatek also possesses architectural registration in all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Construction Management

Dynatek’s staff of professional construction managers is widely regarded as the best in the industry. One reason is that our managers are available at a moment’s notice, any time of day, to handle issues that may arise and ensure that the development of your site is smooth and trouble free. In addition, Dynatek has the experience that comes from successfully managing and building thousands of sites through the nation – on time and within budget. By personally developing and managing relationships with vendors, contractors and landowners, our construction managers stay ahead and on top of any situation that may arise during a construction project. Plus, Dynatek, with its affiliated construction firm, can handle all phases of the construction process.

Material Supplier

Dynatek offers a complete line of wireless communication products included prefabricated shelters, coaxial cable, connectors  and fiber optics. Providing only the highest quality products, Outfitting a network is easy with one-stop-shopping at Dynatek.